Mainstage Events

The Entree Stage sounded weird and the Dessert Stage seemed too delicious so we called it the Main Stage. And that it is.

Hosted by Nish David, the Main Stage will be home to the big events happening throughout Unleashed. The bangers & mash of the event. The spaghetti bolognese, if you will. The hearty winter warmers of festival land. The Mainstage is an Auslan Interpreted event.

12:30pm – 6:00pm  |  Mainstage, Fed Square


Nish David | Host, Main Stage

Nish is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about unleashing the creativity of young Australians for good. He is the managing director of Bloodless, a creative label for social change, and is currently conducting research on the intersection of Human Rights and Human-Centred Design at the University of Sydney.


Yoga to Beats with lululemon

From 12:40pm – 1hr


Nama-start Unleashed at the main stage with lululemon. Stretch out, get limber and take part in an hour-long session of free yoga. But not just any yoga. Yoga to beats.

Turns out it’s not all quiet rooms and relaxation. Not in this case anyway. It’s a little bit of those things and hip hop music. Try something uplifting and energetic to start your Unleashed Festival day off right.

All levels and abilities are welcome. BYO yoga mat or use one provided. 

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Rock Paper Ssiscccyyy

The Inaugural Unleashed Rock, Paper Scissors Championship

From 1:40pm 


Think you’ve played Rock, Paper, Scissors before? Not like this.

Get every single part of your being ready for the ultimate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Why do you need to get ready? Because everyone gets to play.

The game won’t stop until we’ve whittled the crowd down to two. They’ll battle it out for the highly coveted Unleashed RPS trophy.

There can only be one winner.


Films @ Unleashed

From 2:00pm 


Films @ Unleashed is our annual film festival made up entirely of films made by young people from across the globe. The whole thing is completely free, and you can expect to feel pretty much every feeling there is to feel as you gaze your eyes upon the beautiful films and animations we have collected for your viewing pleasure. It doesn’t get much better.

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Kids in Philanthropy

From 3:10pm

At FYA we love people creating social change, particularly when they are REALLY young! We’ll share the stage with four amazing young philanthropists who are reimagining traditional philanthropy and raising money and support for those most in need.


Live Concert

From 3:35pm 


Live music. Great bands. It’s going to be good.

With a line up that includes – L-Fresh The Lion, Dorsal Fins, Philly, Gabriella Cohen, Jarrow, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks and sweet DJ sets from Paul Gorrie you won’t want to miss it.

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